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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum

Brown Suger Factory (sataya)

Raw sugar factory (Brown Suger Factory (sataya))

Sugar car to narrow down sugarcane (sugar millet) to

In farm village of Okinawa, there was small brown sugar hut (Brown Suger Factory (sataya)) before and we let oxen and horses pull sugar car and squeezed sugarcane (sugar millet) and made raw sugar. Sugarcane was cultivated as sweetness food, and we learned the sugar manufacture method from China, and, in 1623, Shinjo Gima (gimashinjo) tried sugar production in own house, but thing which we used then was wooden two type sugar car. Afterwards, it was made of stone and was improved with iron-made, and centrifugal sugar factory of Western style was founded in 1908, and sugar business of Okinawa was renovated remarkably. Sugar car was useful for brown sugar production in this way until late years.

Position in garden

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