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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum

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Private house of Okinawa is different in here

Private house of Okinawa

Pigpen belonging to "mansion is dark" "Okinawa circulation type house" and roof with full of eco-senses to be said which created beautiful sceneries as well as blindfold from the outside "himpun" with meaning as charm while playing a role as storm and fire prevention. Lifestyle that was full of ideas at the time is indicated from private house of Okinawa.

What is himpun?


There is wall of blindfold in the front of house, and "himpun" means this.
"himpun" was made by the face not to see the inside of building directly, and has majinai-like meaning to prevent that devil enters at the outside and carries out of mansion and duty of outside partition.
There is the wall-style gate in China, and it is said that "himpun" made the format Okinawa.

Mansion come

Mansion come

The circumference of house is surrounded in stone and tree, fence made of bamboo. It was useful for storm or fire prevention, so tree of Fukugi, Maki, banyan tree was put on hedge. In addition, cherry laurel, box tree, Chinese hibiscus of shrub are planted as flower is beautiful.
Stone wall is loaded with surface by stacking method and materials and piles up cloth, and we meet, and there are types such as person stacking.

Okinawa circulation type life?

Pigpen (yafuru) belonging to roof

Characteristic of Okinawa circulation type house includes "pigpen (yafuru) belonging to roof" in corner of room to the north. This did not assume breeding hut of pork and was used as rest room.
When people add business in front of stone wall, excrement is carried through rectangular hole and is structure becoming feed of pork.
Tree of yuna was planted near the pigpen because we used leaf of yuna as toilet paper.

Recycling life trivia

Vegetable garden (a Thai)

・It is said that Chinese manners and customs were handed down to Okinawa.
・We planted potato seedling which became bait of domestic animal in yard (a Thai) in mansion other than daikon or carrot.
・Pigpen belonging to roof → Rest room → Leaf of yuna → Lifestyle utilized cycle called feed of pork is characteristic of recycling house. ※It was prohibited by sanitary problem in the Meiji era.
・Rest room is installed in pigpen of native district village.

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