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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum

Difference in layout

Mansion and layout

Structure of private house of Okinawa greatly separates, and there are wooden construction architecture called "Nukiki-ya" (nuchija) and hut format called "hole shop" (anaya).
By social position of person who lived, size of mansion and building could decide, and materials to use were able to decide in old days.

House of lord of a manor charges

・House of lord of a manor charges
It is house of person in charge of local administration as chief administrator of lord of a manor (feudal lord) of each five-holed short bamboo clarinet (current village) for the kingdom era.

Floor plan of Uezu house

・Floor plan of Uezu house
We became model of house of lord of a manor charges in Native Okinawan Village.

Layout comparison display of private house

It is layout (8 private houses) of person of native district villager. Layout of building greatly varies according to the times and social position.
Characteristics such as two-based a lot of tega, hole pleasure boat types, roof of thatch of small log composing type which kitchen and central room were divided into are seen in the ancient private house.
It is characterized that multi-kunatteirukoto, regulated red cement tile came to be used and, in the private house of modern Okinawa, includes the number of one-based structure and room where kitchen which became independent was incorporated in in central room.

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