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Cafe Tida

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Cafe Tida

Other than light meals such as Okinawa soba or curry and rice, we sell gelato or ice cream from hometown. You can enjoy the blue sea and panorama of sky from outdoor break space on the second floor.

Business hours

Summer (from March to September) 9:30-19:00
tsujoki (from October to February) 9:30-17:30
※Order is closure one hour ago in the light meal last


General bureau (Haisai Plaza) is inner

Popular menu (photograph is one)

Light meal

  • Okinawa soba set

    Okinawa soba set

  • Fried rice

    Fried rice

  • Curry and rice

    Curry and rice


  • Draft beer (Orion)

    Draft beer (Orion)

  • Caffe latte

    Caffe latte

  • Tropical drink

    Tropical drink
    Acerola juice (use of Motobu town product acerola)

  • Tropical drink

    Tropical drink
    Straight juice Citrus depressa, mango juice

Ice cream

  • Blue seal ice cream

    Blue seal ice cream
    Blue wave, salt chinsuko, chocolate cookies swirl, etc.


  • Gelato

    Purple yam, vanilla, chocolate and others

  • Float

    Melon soda, coffee

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