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Beach stand

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Beach stand

Other than clothing such as T-shirt and dress, swimsuit, we have sea bathing-related goods such as float and sandals, sunscreen. We perform rentals (pay) such as beds in parasol and summer.

Business hours

Summer (from April to September) 8:30-19:00
tsujoki (October) 8:30-17:30
※Swimming, store business only as for from April to October


Emerald beach
It is eight minutes by sight-seeing car from aquarium exit

Popular item

  • Original box T-shirt, original short pants

    Original box T-shirt
    Original short pants

    It is original product of emerald beach stand. We are good even if we wear from swimsuit! It is recommended to everyday wear.

  • A lot of floats

    A lot of floats
    Necessities of sea bathing! We offer various types of floats.

  • A lot of sandals

    A lot of sandals
    We offer from the one for adult to the one for child.

  • A lot of swimsuits

    A lot of swimsuits
    We offer a lot of swimsuits for Lady's men, child.

  • A lot of resort dress shirt hats

    A lot of resort dress shirt hats
    Cool design is recommended to beach! Besides, we prepare a lot of clothing which is good to resort.

  • Goggles, mask, sandbox set

    Goggles, mask, sandbox set
    Other than toy for child including sandbox set and water gun, a lot of masks offer, too.

  • Rental goods

    Rental goods
    We perform rentals such as parasol or float (pay)

※Each photograph is image.

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