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Flower Shop "southern country"

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A museum shop "NANGOKU"

Other than T-shirt and miscellaneous goods of flower and plant, sale of plants such as "Neofinetia falcata" goes Orchis graminifolia "Phalaenopsis aphrodite" and popular "vanilla", too. You can purchase orchid seedling of Okinawa including "Aerides japonicum" and "Okinawa Dendrobium monile".

Business hours

Summer (from March to September) 8:30-19:00
tsujoki (from October to February) 8:30-17:30


Entrance in tropical dream center
It is eight minutes by sight-seeing car from Okichan Theater

Popular item

  • Orchid T-shirt

    Orchid T-shirt
    T-shirt with orchid and flower as motif. It is designed gorgeous orchid by black which it is easy to mix-and-match.

  • A lot of orchids

    A lot of orchids
    Other than Orchis graminifolia and Neofinetia falcata, we treat a lot of orchid seedlings of Okinawa including Aerides japonicum and Okinawa Dendrobium monile. (there may not be the handling by seasons)

  • Original tote bag

    Original tote bag
    Tropical dream center original tote bag. Orchid and gorgeous design of butterfly are popular among women.

  • A lot of handkerchieves

    A lot of handkerchieves
    Handkerchieves of design of various orchids. How about in the one for you and present?

  • A lot of three-dimensional illustrated book boxes

    A lot of three-dimensional illustrated book boxes
    Gorgeousness collection to be lined with insects of the world! It is recommended to cognitive education goods of admiration use of adult and child.

  • A lot of paper puzzles

    A lot of paper puzzles
    Paper puzzles such as beetle or stag beetle which adult can enjoy. It is coolness that we gather and want to give glory to.

  • A lot of her barium

    A lot of her barium
    Her barium which was made with flower of Okinawa. Flower of colorful southern country lights impression of room!

  • A lot of houseplants

    A lot of houseplants
    We treat a lot of houseplants. It is recommended to interior of house.

※Each photograph is image.

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