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Souvenir shop

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We sell original goods with trip of "encounter with the sea of Okinawa" as form

Shop "blue manta"

It is in aquarium 1F. There is Okinawa famous confection using purple yams including popular original strap and sewing. In addition, there are original T-shirt and cakes such as various goods, custard petit cake to be able to buy only here.

Shop "forest of Yanbaru"

General information desk "Haisai Plaza" is inner. There are original T-shirt, art glass, food direct from the field.

oki shop

It is in "park center" close to Okichan Theater, dolphin lagoon.
We sell original souvenir products such as towels including cake and sewing such as chinsuko.

Beach stand

It is in emerald beach (business from April to October). We can purchase goods necessary for sea bathing including swimsuit and float here. There are original T-shirt, sum Japanese towel, various souvenir goods.
We are doing rental (pay) of Bet in beach umbrella and summer.

A museum shop "NANGOKU"

It is in the entrance front in tropical dream center and is available without ticket.
There is small dish of orchids such as popular "vanilla" "Neofinetia falcata" "denfare" and can purchase Orchis graminifolia "Phalaenopsis aphrodite". In addition, there are original handkerchief and T-shirt.

Store's name [Location]
 Shop "blue manta" Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium 1F
 Shop "forest of Yanbaru" Park Information Center (Haisai Plaza
 oki shop Dolphin lagoon neighborhood "park center" is inner
 Beach stand Emerald beach (business from April to October)
 A museum shop "NANGOKU" Tropical dream center (available without ticket)

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