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Okichan Theater outskirts facility

Manatee Pool

We raise American manatee which became model of mermaid legend and display!

Manatee Pool

Manatee is mammal of herbivory, and size of adult beast becomes 3-4.5m, 300-1,000 kg in weight. It is in crisis of the extinction, and is appointed to internationally protected animal now. Manatee of this hotel was donated to Japanese citizen by birth in Mexico by the Mexican government. Female "Uma" (*uma, YUMA) was born in this hotel in 2001.

In floor on the first floor, we can observe state of manatee from the water and can observe action in the water from underground underwater observation room. In addition, we show picture when we were born of "Uma".

It is approximately 10 minutes on foot from the Park Information Center(Haisai Plaza). Even electric sight-seeing car (pay) can move.

Opening time tsujoki (from October to February) 8:30-17:30
Summer (from March to September) 8:30-19:00
【Admission】 Viewing for free

  • Manatee Pool
  • Manatee Pool
  • Manatee Pool

We are lucky if seen! Meal scenery of manatee

Manatee Pool

Member of breeding feeds manatee 2 to 3 times a day. Wild manatee eats waterweed, but gives water hyacinth and lettuce, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, pumpkin, carrot here. We can see scenery that member of breeding feeds if lucky. When member of breeding holds out bait, we receive with mouth directly and begin meal slowly slowly. You who were seen are lucky.


  1. Please never throw in thing.
  2. As animal might swallow by mistake when thing which we dropped enters pool, please be careful at the time of visit.

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