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Okichan Theater outskirts facility

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Umigame-kan (Sea Turtle Pool)

You can watch 5 (loggerhead, green, hawksbill, olive ridley, and black turtles) of 7-8 sea turtle species here.

Umigame-kan (Sea Turtle Pool)

We can look at state in the water in underground viewing room. This tank has an artificial sandy nesting ground. In this ground, the loggerhead, green, and hawksbill turtles nest and hatch out from spring to summer every year .

In underground viewing room, we introduce with panel about various findings that checked life of sea turtle.

It is approximately 9 minutes on foot from Park Information Center (Haisai Plaza). Even electric sight-seeing car (pay) can move.

Opening time tsujoki (from October to February) 8:30-17:30
Summer (from March to September) 8:30-19:00
【Admission】 Viewing for free

  • Umigame-kan (Sea Turtle Pool)
  • Umigame-kan (Sea Turtle Pool)
  • Umigame-kan (Sea Turtle Pool)

We carry out sea turtle discharge party

Sea turtle discharge society

We carry out "sea turtle discharge party" every year in summer. While arrive to steal, and most have a question *;, after all, the biggest mystery is excursion route. On earth what kind of route does baby of sea turtle take a trip to the sea by? In Ocean Expo Park, we steal * which we raised after the incubation for one year and make planting of marked fish from tachio emerald beach to investigate that. Everybody, please participate, too!


  1. Please never throw in thing.
  2. As animal might swallow by mistake when thing which we dropped enters pool, please be careful at the time of visit.

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