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Okichan Theater outskirts facility

Dolphin Lagoon

※It limits some viewing for health care of animal. Thank you for your understanding.

Dolphin Lagoon

Dolphin Feeding Experience Fee

※For infection prevention including new coronavirus and nonproliferation measures, we will cancel some programs.
For more information:

Dolphin Lagoon

Program of no appointment necessary held every day! From the deck top of dolphin lagoon, dolphin can feed. Non-school children, please participate by protector companion.

  • Until 9:30 - sellout
  • Until 11:00 - sellout
  • Until 13:30 - sellout
  • Until 15:30 - sellout
【Admission】 Bait 500 yen/set
Sale place "Dolphin feeding experience-based receptionist" in front of the dolphin lagoon

※We may have to cancel due to health condition of animal.

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium marine mammal section
TEL: 0980-48-2748/FAX: 0980-48-2749

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