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Open space aqua town of setting sun

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Items that children can play happily are varied!

43 items are to wall crime (it rises along grip of wall), "binoculars" which, hello, show pipe (voice and sound reach remote place), far-off scenery in total including benches for break.

Sunset Square

  • Open space aqua town of setting sun
  • Open space aqua town of setting sun
  • Open space aqua town of setting sun

"Aqua town" playground equipment introduction

1. Tube slider 2. Spiral pipe slider 3. Curve slider 4. Stairs 5. Mount crime 6. Wall crime 7. Arch bridge 8. Net bridge 9. Slope 10. Cross log bridge; 11. Rubber step 12. Pass through panel; 13. Tube tunnel 14. Overhand rail 15. Net ton flannel 16. Pass; deck 17. Net pool 18. Binoculars 19. Observation window 20. Science tower 21. Midget submarine 22. Drop of water net 23. Shelter 24. Bench 25. It is gradually deck 26. Flat deck 27. Spiral deck 28. Hello, it is pipe 29. Jump touch 30. Prism 31. Panel maze 32. Mirror panel 33. Window panel 34. Panel 35 that it is likely round and round. It is eddy panel 36 round and round. Sound panel 37. Gear panel 38. Sea Paradise 39. Cruising panel 40. Design panel

  • 【Place】 The open space of setting sun (from the general information desk Haisai Plaza a 15-minute walk)
  • Target age: 3 years old - 12 years old (attendant of protector needs ※ 3-6 years old)

※When at the time of rainy weather and playground equipment get wet, for ensuring safety, we cancel the use. I would like understanding and cooperation.

Ocean Expo Park Management Center
TEL: +81-980-48-2741 / FAX: +81-980-48-3339

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