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Kids' Adventure Land

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Eyes of children begin to shine, is paradise of play at ease!

Ocean Expo Park "chibikkotoride" is area having net playground equipment of Japanese best category. Theme "the sea of Okinawa." We expressed various characteristics that the sea of Okinawa had in four zones. Above all, "the ocean zone" where brunette reflecting the image of the ocean spreads in one side is grand. It is family, and, on excursion, please inflect in picnic.

【Place】 Between (P7 multilevel parking garage and aquarium in Ocean Expo Park)
Facility scale 208 3,200 square meters/net playground equipments, infant playground equipment five places, mist three places, rest station two places
※It is mall setting in consideration for movement with wheelchair

Zonal introduction

  1. Ripples zone [we express surf in the shore] net cushion playground equipment
  2. The Kuroshio Current zone [we express the intense Kuroshio Current of flow] net playground equipment
  3. The ocean zone [we express the ocean spreading out forever] net playground equipment
  4. The deep sea zone [we express mystique of the deep sea] net cushion playground equipment

※In addition, there is playground equipment for small child who expressed creature of the sea in soft material

※When at the time of rainy weather and net get wet, for ensuring safety, we cancel the use. I would like understanding and cooperation.


Ocean Expo Park Management Center
TEL: +81-980-48-2741 / FAX: +81-980-48-3339

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