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Sunset Square

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The scene of dusk to be tainted with beautiful deep red is superb view!

Open space of setting sun is near from parking lot (P8) in front of the tropical dream center, and access by electric sight-seeing car is good, too!
Central flower stairs are beautiful, and space of opening-like rest that even families can enjoy spreads out (slope for barrier-free adds to flower stairs). There is playground equipment facility where items that children can play happily are varied and can expect setting sun which is beautiful on day when it cleared from open space facing the East China Sea.

The scene of dusk to be tainted with beautiful deep red is superb view!

"Open space of setting sun" facility summary

  • 【Place】 Tropical dream center neighborhood in Ocean Expo Park
  • 【Admission】 Use for free
  • Seating capacity: About 200 people
  • Sunset Square
  • Sunset Square
  • Sunset Square

"Aqua town" playground equipment summary

  • 【Admission】 Use for free
  • Target age: 3 years old - 12 years old (attendant of protector needs ※ 3-6 years old)

43 items are to tube slider (tunnel-formed slide), spiral pipe slider (slides from the third floor to the first floor), wall crime (it rises along grip of wall), "binoculars" which, hello, show pipe (voice and sound reach remote place), far-off scenery in total including "bench" for break.

  • Sunset Square
  • Sunset Square
  • Sunset Square

※When at the time of rainy weather and playground equipment get wet, for ensuring safety, we cancel the use. I would like understanding and cooperation.

Information for Ocean Expo Park wedding

Ocean Expo Park wedding

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