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Central gate

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Welcome! To the world of "sun and flower and sea" which Okinawa is proud of

Central gate "the front entrance" of Ocean Expo Park. Guardian angel "Shiisa" of Okinawa performs meeting of all of you.

It is "the front entrance" of Ocean Expo Park
Central snack

Central snack

We sell soft serve and cold drink in "central snack" of the neighborhood of entrance. There is postal agency in the outskirts and can give oldness and the purchase and mail of stamp.
※About conduct of postal agency, please note that you become irregular.
(inquiry: Nago post office 0980-52-2042)

Park Information Center (Haisai Plaza)

Park Information Center (Haisai Plaza)

We enter central gate and go down stairs, and there is "fountain open space" immediately in the "general bureau" (Haisai Plaza) front on the right side. We distribute park brochure in Haisai Plaza building, and souvenir shop has "kafetida" to be able to take "forest of Yanbaru" and light meal.

For details, please check the official web site below.

Flower whale shark

Popular people and taking a ceremonial photograph of colorful park!

Whale shark and octopus look forward to in flower in point that enters central gate, and went down stairs.
Particularly, it is decorated with flowers beautifully from late January through late February every year to fountain open space during period of held "beauty and others Sea flower festival". We offer shooting spot that treated flower.

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