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Emerald beach, seafront

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Emerald beach

Pure white sandy beach shines in the magnificent emerald sea!
Beach of Coral Sandoz which 3,000 people can swim

Share is beautiful beach of done Coral sand to three wards of "beach of play" which it is Y-shaped and pushed out located near the Ocean Expo Park, the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium which are popular tourist attraction in Okinawa "beach of rest" "beaches of view".
Vivid emerald green and the ocean of cobalt blue which give off color as words cannot do it. Emerald beach is beach in lagoon (lagoon) which is rare in Okinawa, and the quality of the water is recognized as "A (good) ", and it is authorized "88 selections of bath ground" in 2006 in 2001 by "100 selections of excellent bath ground".
Sandy beach of emerald beach tries for maintenance in consideration for safety and comfort, conservation of nature.

Emerald beach

PDF Emerald beach map

Swimming period

The summer From April 1 to September 30 8:30-19:00
tsujoki From October 1 to October 31 8:30-17:30

Usage guidance

Beach Snack

Beach stand

■Beach stand (rental product)

Article name Price
Three points set (parasol 1, bed 2)
1,030 yen
One piece of article (parasol bed) 515 yen
Float (very much)
1,030 yen
Float (the small)
515 yen
Life jacket (for adult, child, baby)
515 yen

※On the beach article rental mentioned above, I take 1,000 yen as deposit separately. I pay back deposit at the time of return of rental goods.

  • Beach volleyball tool for free
  • Swimming, shower for free
  • Locker 100 yen
  • We are fully equipped with facilities such as stand or light meal restaurant. We can purchase swimsuit and original T-shirt at stand. We sell Yakisoba or ice cream in beach snack.
  • We deploy nurse and watchman
  • Equipped with jellyfish defense net
  • Equipped with restroom for person with a physical disability
  • Snorkel is not available.
  • It is about 14 minutes on foot from general bureau (Haisai Plaza). You can also take a ride on a sight-seeing car (pay).

Information for Ocean Expo Park wedding

Ocean Expo Park wedding

About maintenance of beach

  • We try for improvement of cleaning management
  • Swimming area of the sea spreads Coral sand all and secures safety
  • Is appointed in "safety measures excellence sea area recreation offer supplier" by the prefectural Public Safety Commission
  • We try for natural scenery and preservation of underwater creatures such as coral


Promenade of the sea feeling nature of Okinawa with the whole body.

It is promenade which can enjoy walk while feeling nature of Okinawa to be.
You can spend relaxedly while looking at the sea of cobalt blue, islands floating in the horizon distantly.
There are several places of stairs dropping to sandy beach.

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