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Native Okinawan Village and Omoro Arboretum

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Facility introduction

Native Okinawan Village

Native Okinawan Village reproduces village of Okinawa of the Ryukyu kingdom era (in that around 17-19 centuries). In Utaki (Sacred Grove), Ugamigah (Sacred Spring), traditional village form such as Kami-Asagi (Worship House), we reproduce private house and Takakura.

Living that is full of communication is still in Okinawa. It is Native Okinawan Village that a village where such people live in is had a glimpse of. We offer various events to feel sanshin experience and kachashi experience, traditional Okinawa including seasonal event close.

Omoro Arboretum

In addition, in site, there is "Omoro Arboretum" which raised 22 kinds of plants which are native species of Okinawa among plants sung in collection of Okinawa oldest songs "omorosaushi".

Opening hours

Period Opening hours Closing time
from October to February: 8:30 17:30
from March to September: 8:30 19:00

Closed days

It is every year at closed days to carry out facilities check work of each facility of the Ocean Expo Park (we include aquarium) on first Wednesday and the next day in December.


You can see free.


About brochure (free)

We offer brochure in general bureau (Haisai Plaza) and house of lord of a manor charges.

Old Okinawa life experience (free)

Obaa(Granny) reproduce living of traditional Okinawa and entertain visitor happily. We can experience experience, dance in free distribution of tea, cake, sanshin performance.

Self-guide, letter commentary

In each house, you can use Japanese, English, button-type self-guide of Chinese. In addition, we comment on signboard in garden in Japanese, English, Chinese.

Sound commentary begins automatically when we push button installed in each house

All the signboards are three languages notation

Worksheet (free)

We prepare worksheet for social studies learning. Please use for on-site training of the small, junior high student, free study.

Position in Ocean Expo Park

Car from central gate containing becomes near. There is from general bureau (Haisai Plaza) in the front of Oceanic Culture Museum on foot for three minutes.

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