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Let's play & learn in botanical garden

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It is play bo in botanical garden

In Tropical & Subtropical Arboretum, we enjoy ground golf that used large site and experience of the making of craft of plant has days in plant control center and comes.

※For infection prevention including new coronavirus and nonproliferation measures, we will cancel some programs.

Ground golf

Grand golf

You can play ground golf free in the arboretum! By all 24 hall setting, long course (24 halls), short course (8 course) are available, too. Please enjoy between family, friends while looking at trees in sample garden which is full of green!

The making of craft of plant experience event plant of Okinawa

The making of craft

We can try the making of craft of plant using flower and leaf for free on different themes every month in botanical garden rest station.

It is study bo in botanical garden

Plant experience event plant observation tour of Okinawa

The making of craft

We introduce flower and the highlight blooming in tour format now and explain the botanical garden about wonders of plant. (advance reservations required)

Environmental learning

Environmental learning

We learn while playing about wildlife and nature and are program to have you think. (advance reservations required)

Tropical plant management technology experience, on-site training

Tropical plant management technology

Targeting at elementary and junior high school - high school student, university students, we provide place having you get technique and knowledge about tropical plant through duties to perform in botanical garden. In addition, as program about environmental education, we provide place of experience of plant cultivation using facility in garden.

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