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Tropical & Subtropical Arboretum

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Facility introduction

What kind of place is Tropical & Subtropical Arboretum?

Tropical & Subtropical Arboretum is located in the south side of the Ocean Exposition district of Okinawa Commemorative National Government Park. It was opened in October, 1990. This arboretum has approximately 9ha in area, which is divided into plant sample zone and plant control center (green counselor's desk).

Plant sample zone

More than 400 kind of plants are planted for display in the area of about 6.8ha. They are the plants that are promising for urban greening in subtropical zone, and every kind of plants are planted in a way that matches its characteristic.

1 Salty-wind-resistant tall tree sample zone

Sea breeze plant Takagi sample ward-resistant

Rui Takagi who is strong in typhoon and sea breeze harm plants and is displayed. Banyan tree, banyan tree, Hama Ficus erecta, Akagi representing Okinawa are planted.

2 Salty-wind-resistant shrub sample zone

Sea breeze plant shrub sample ward-resistant

Shrubs peculiar to southern country resisting typhoon and sea breeze harm plant and are displayed. aogampi, terihakusatobera, tension crane spindle tree, mokubiyakkou are planted.

3 Salty-wind-resistant palms sample zone

Sea breeze plant palms sample ward-resistant

Palms resisting typhoon and sea breeze harm plant and are displayed. As for the main plant, Pandanus tectorius, Ogasawara screw pine, tack screw pine are planted to southern country mood perfect score other than palms such as coconut palm, below.

4 Hedges & vines sample zone

Hedge, climbing nature sample ward

Into a maze form, shrubs such as SHIMAYA paralysis heart, Okinawa box tree, cherry laurel, wart Taku heron are planted to be seen while enjoying plant suitable for subtropical local hedge. In addition, in sample ward, pergola and Paul are installed, and creepers such as cissus, bougainvillaea, Bengal thunbergia are planted in how to make that each plant had.

5 Roadside tree sample zone

Roadside tree sample ward

We moderate summer sunlight and introduce roadside tree making cityscape beautiful with green. Fiddle-leaf fig, tamarind, Breadfruit, Taiwan golden rain tree are planted.

6 Ground cover sample zone

Ground cover sample ward

We plant ground cover of flower mark available in not only ground covers used for tree planting such as park or road but also general family and are displayed. With turf, thing suitable for subtropical areas such as Ko rye Korean lawn grass, St. Augustine grass, velvet Korean lawn grass, zoysiagrass is planted. With blooming ground covers of flower, himekiranso, hiruzakitsukimiso are planted.

7 Herb sample zone

Herb sample ward

We plant mainly on herb suitable for climate of Okinawa and are displayed. Approximately 90 kinds such as mint, basil, rosemary, aloe are planted.

8 Oxylophyte sample zone

Oxylophyte sample ward

It is sample ward of camellia department plant and high plant of admiration value including azalea distributed over acid soil of Okinawa.

Plant control center (green counselor's office)

"Green counselor's office" is maintained as places performing various information services about urban greening again as core facility to plan spread of urban greening technologies enlightenment that utilized the tropical zone, subtropical flora.

In addition, there are germfree operation room, seeing and hearing room that lecture, class about green are performed and library room which is available in anyone casually where process of culture increase of orchids is seen in in green counselor's office (the hall).

In addition, we feel facilities and plant which can learn plant while playing close and touch green shock 60, warp dome and hold the making of craft of plant which we can experience every day.

Green consultation corner

Green consultation corner

It is corner where we can feel free to contact about flower and green, urban greening.

※We move to botanical garden entrance bureau

Library room

Library room

We can read flower and green, book about urban greening freely.

※We move to open space rest house 1F of setting sun

Green shock 60

Green shock 60

We challenge quiz about green! Can five questions answer correctly in 60 seconds?

※Use cancellation

Warp dome

Warp dome

We can look at information software about favorite plant in picture hall reflecting the image of future spaceship.

※Use cancellation

Germfree operation room

Germfree operation room

You can look at process of aseptic culture of orchids.

※Use cancellation

Seeing and hearing room

Seeing and hearing room

Lecture, class, exhibition about green are held.

※Use cancellation

"Banko" Forest

"Banco" is word of Hatomajima of Yaeyama and makes dresser on the good shade of a tree and tree of ventilation in summer and says nap and place that exchanged information.
Lawn open space that spreads out for growth there. How is all family and the friends and unhurried picnic?
It rises and slips on part of hill which became slightly small and can play at ease.

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