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Tropical Dream Center

African baobab

With baobab

Fallen leaves Takagi which assumes the African Continent the place of origin.
12 kinds are known to friend of baobab and are distributed over Africa Madagascar India Australia.
Trunk is said to be plant becoming big most in the world.
According to the documents, 6-10m in diameter, height of the tree of trunk are to thing more than 20m in African baobab, and there seems to be tree which becomes more than 5,000 years years old. As for the baobab, "tree of 1,000 years" seems to mean by Senegalese words.

Leaf has much protein, and baobab known as useful tree includes and is used to vegetables and preservation food, and vitamin C is rich and uses to materials of eating raw and juice, and we tear off the bark, and fruit may make wall of house. As there are food and medical use, various utilization including material in this way, it is also called "tree of treasure".

Current Africa, Australia, South America, India made one continent called Gondwana land about 200.005 million years ago. It became the current topography by crustal movement about 100.005 million years ago. It is told that this crustal movement may be cause that baobab is distributed over Africa Madagascar India.

Baobab became famous for sun teguju pe reno as tree which came out to "prince of star". The name of baobab spread out in episode that we were afraid saying "baobab became gigantic when we did not pull bud diligently and damages star".

※We publish this photograph to have you image the growth situation in state of nature of baobab. This baobab is type called bottle tree Grand Didi Eli (Adansonia grandidieri) whom our park staff photographed in Madagascar.

Growth in tropical dream center

We let you took kind home from Mandai Park of India (Calcutta) in December, 1979 and germinate. Upbringing five that we ported during 1983 and the following year to African zone in dream center after having managed grow all up to about 10m in height in farm. Soaked the first bud in July, 1996, but is falling of blossom by typhoon.

We soaked bud again on August 28, 1998 and recorded first Japanese flowering on September 27. However, typhoon hit tropical dream center in this year, and we came under influence, and flower of baobab did falling of blossom.

In the next year, the staff confirmed that we flowered again on the morning of July 25, 1999 and we found that flower bloomed to another tree and performed artificial pollination and let the first Japanese fruition succeed.

Fruit of 7 or 8cm is identified about one month later by pollination. It was greatly reported as first Japanese splendid achievement then by media inside and outside the prefecture.
We made use of experience of the previous year and hung net so that fruit did not fall as typhoon measures and succeeded in saika doing vertical diameter 27.8cm, transverse diameter 9CM, wide lap diameter 28.5cm, rugby ball-formed fruit of 300 g of dry weight in May, 2000 in the next year thanks to the effort of tying that to branch, and having spread the perfect system.

Recent flowering fruition report in dream center

The fruition situation

Star-shaped, as for the flowering of baobab, bud of around 6cm in diameter that came on yellowishness from the day before at around 7:00 in the evening is broken from the lower part and gradually opens, and white petal begins to be seen. Afterwards, petal warps remarkably slowly, and stamen which became spherical and pistil which grew from the meantime appear from the inside and become in full blossom in only several minutes. We secrete sweet honey to invite insect helping with just 1:00 just after that, pollination that had full bloom. Petal begins to change color in the evening and finishes life of short flower of only 2nd.

We confirmed flowering in tropical dream center from July 2, 2009 of last year. Is the fifth time at this time secondary to the year before last; flower.

It is December 26, 2009 that the last flowering was also confirmed. It was 251 that 312 buds which arrived during period of about more than five months reached before flowering safely soon. Meanwhile, there was day not to bloom, but when there was many, three flowered at the same time and continued blooming slowly slowly and delighted person of much admission.

251 of them which bloomed this time are tropical dream center, but are great record. In addition, is it gift of love that big typhoon not coming for these past several years, cultivation with manure management go well? This is talked about among the staff. In addition, we want to bring up carefully from now on to make many flowers bloom this year.

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