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Flower hibiscus of southern country

Speaking of hibiscus, most of may remember colorful, passionate flower.
We flower, and, as for the hibiscus, admiration value being high and cultivation in the bare ground are almost used as garden tree, roadside tree, park tree anniversary widely in Okinawa by easy thing, and it is to one of representative flower contributing to image enhancement of southern country.

However, it being said that there is garden variety of hibiscus more than 5,000 kinds really, it is not known to friend of hibiscus too much again that there is type used as fiber and food.

  • What is the friend cotton rose genus of ... hibiscus? ...
  • Progenitor ... of hibiscus which served as ... great contribution
  • Garden variety ... of hibiscus attracting ... person

What is the friend cotton rose genus of hibiscus?

Plant of the cotton rose genus (Hibiscus) belongs to mallow family (Malvaceae) and, around the tropical zone, subtropical zone area of all parts of the world, is distributed including some temperate zone area. Ancestor (wild animal class) of the cotton rose genus is about 250 kinds. They write family of the cotton rose genus for one or two years, and shrub, Kimoto of Takagi range from herb of perennial plant.

Form of flower

Flower arises from the root (we get leaf and come) of leaf, and it is from calyx (calyx) and five pieces of petals (hanabira) which we avoided, and, in bisexual flower offering stamen, pistil to one flower, many stamens put together with cylindrically stick out of five. Size of flower ranges from small thing to big thing.

Form of leaf

Leaf has stipule (with leaf which arrives at the root, leafstalk of stem and leaf to cook) in having a single wing and is assigned to alternation to stem. Slit has form like palm, and border of leaf has all relationships (fluent type) and saw teeth (notched type).

Progenitor of hibiscus which served as great contribution

It is said that selective breeding of hibiscus began in the early 20th century in Hawaiian agricultural experimental station. We seem to have crossbred types to grow wild in Hawaii at first. As for these flowers, a lot of simple things overflow in the wild nature taste only by progenitor small generally. It is hibisukusu anottianusu, hibisukusu kokio that can be also known as representative.

Afterwards, it is said that Chinese hibiscus or Liquidambar formosana phosphorus Chinese hibiscus are introduced as pollen parent and played a big role in selective breeding.

hibisukusu anottianusu

Hibiscus arnottianus

Species is Scottish botanist; collector, George Arnotts Walker George which was Glasgow botanic garden director again. A. We come from Walker (1799-1868). Popular name is called "white of Wilder".
Egg-shaped, as for the height of this species, as for to about 9m and the leaf, cortex saw teeth become clear, and length is green that is deep at 15-20cm. Style which flower has pink pulse that about 10cm in diameter petal is snow-white, and is light, and is red. There is slightly sweet smell.

hibisukusu kokio

Hibiscus kokio

It becomes 6m in height in place of origin Hawaii. Flower of 7.5cm - 10cm rarely has yellow and an orange spot with sour orange red, red. As filament warps, as for the strange characteristic of flower of this species, that is different by place. It is used for breeding with Chinese hibiscus to make more attractive form. It is said that we are endangered with own dough.

Chinese hibiscus

Hibisbus rosa-sinensis

The place of origin is unclear and does not yet understand the origin to Okinawa clearly, too. Linnaeus gave species called rose of "Rosa shinenshisu" China for place that we discovered in 1753 and introduced in Europe. It is said that big mystery remains which that there are two kinds of red blooming in double and red unlined kimono coming out is basics and kind that it is, and various guesses were considered to be as for the flower which we collected. After next 200 years or more, it is said to basic kind that we appoint and supposed the place of origin to be around the Africa East Coast with one fold of flower that warukusu is red for 1,966 years.
It is healthy and fast-growing in one of the flower trees representing Okinawa and is superior in wind resistance, tidal power-proof. Branch article becomes straight growth, height of the tree about 3m. It is planted in graveyard for a long time, and flower is often offered in grave and may be called by the name of flower (gusobana) as of that purpose in coming ages. On the other hand, we are used for hedge of mansion well. There seems to have been time useful widely uses such as bait, shampoo of goat.

Liquidambar formosana phosphorus Chinese hibiscus

Hibiscus schizopetalus

Red flower hangs down from long branch and blooms, and state to shake for wind is compared to wind-bell or lamp by the and cool form. Fame is called hanging light by the name of the country among Japanese lanterns.
Height becomes around 3m in evergreen shrub native to East Africa Sanji bar island. The branches and leaves grow on the slant, and branch blooms in downward-facing with suurin at about 10cm in diameter earlier. We greatly curl for floral design that cut enters deeply and hangs down for a long time, and petal is seen in long distance spherically when we see. The tip is white and pink diaphragm from red, the middle where color of a flower has thick basis of petal. Style sticks out from petal for a long time, and leader called capital becomes pistil encountered to five. We hear voice that we did not see well, but would appreciate your utilizing as garden tree, tree ideal for an afforestation plan more recently.

Other progenitors

As for the progenitor used for selective breeding in Hawaii, it is said to Hawaii that Dennison rose of sharon native to Fiji was important other than type, Chinese hibiscus, the Liquidambar formosana phosphorus Chinese hibiscus growing wild. In addition, as for these and the type that we can crossbreed, it is said to trout Karen Islands including Mauritius that several kinds grow wild.

Garden variety of hibiscus attracting people

It is said that garden variety of hibiscus is beyond 5,000 kinds in the world. Most are created in Hawaiian (other Florida, Australia), and the first mating record is said to be 1872. Garden variety is divided into three types of Hawaiian type, Coral type, old type.

Old type

1.Painted lady 2. Lemon yellow 3. Sunny 4. Carmen yellow

The generation crossbred in type of hibiscus is old and is generic name of kind that became base of Hawaiian type.

A lot of things of middle ring and ringlet tend to lack in change of color, but we are full of growth, and, as for multi-flower characteristics, the color of a flower, what bloom with red, pink, yellow, cream clearly is attractive. Branch is thin, and, as for the leaf, a lot of deep things including sharpness grow well.

Coral type

1. Coral red 2. Ice pink 3. Red flamingo 4. Orange flamingo

Phew it is generic name of kind crossbred from phosphorus Chinese hibiscus.

Phew because we inherit a trait or talent from phosphorus Chinese hibiscus, as for the flower, cut enters edge of petal, and thing doing way of blooming such as frill is frequent. Color of a flower is mainly red system. There is "pink butterfly" that "archery" and flower which lower flower neck, and bloom casually are slightly slightly small-sized for main kind to be seen in Okinawa. Generally, Coral type is strong in property, and it is attractive that cultivation is easy.

Hawaiian type

1. Mrs. Yumi 2. Magic car ped ride 3. Lewis Benett 4. Campfire girl

It is most types in type of hibiscus.

Because most were had selective breeding of in Hawaii, it is called Hawaiian hibiscus (Hawaiian Hibiscus). This type of characteristic has a big flower, and thing that is full of colors is given with gorgeousness. In addition, as for the flower, width of petal is wide and because there are few gaps between petal and petal, it is approximately circular and is seen. Leaf is round. Craze for mating of Hawaii burns down, and kinds that are new in Florida in the United States or Queensland, New South Wales in Australia seem to be created now.

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