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Tropical Dream Center

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Not only plants, there are more attractions!

You may think that Tropical Dream Center has only plants, but in fact, it has more secret charms.

Arowana which swims in big pond leisurely


Arowana swimming with water tank is seen anywhere, but, in Victoria greenhouse of dream center, can see figure swimming in big pond leisurely.
Do you not seem to find where in large Victoria greenhouse arowana is? No, this arowana shows itself quite often. But please do not put hands in water. You may get bitten since arowana is an active fish.

Carps waiting for kuchioakete bait


After you exit the Fruit Tree Greenhouse, there is a small bridge on the way to Gallery. There you find a vending machine that has food for carps.
Carps gather for food with thier mouths open when you feed them from a bridge.

The most elegant butterfly in Japan! Idea leuconoe

Idea leuconoe

Idea leuconoe is known as the largest butterfly in Japan that inhabit in Nansei Islands. Called as "lady in a southern island", it can be as large as 10cm or more with its wings open.
We plant Parsonsia laevigata (Compositae) in the Ocean Expo Park that larval of Idea leuconoe eat. When they grow and become butterfly, they come flying for the honey of the flower in the Tropical Dream Center. You will surely be fascinated by the elegance of the figure flying lightly with large wings.

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