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Plants feature

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Interesting information about plants


Bougainvillaea is one of representative flowering trees in tropical zone along with Hibiscus.
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The number of garden varietiy of Hibiscus, a tropical flower, are said to be more than 5000. You can read the explanation of some varieties which we displayed in Hibiscus exhibition as well as the result of Hibiscus naming contest.

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African baobab

Watch the movie of baobab flowering moment filmed in Tropical Dream Center! Baobab flower is called "white fairies on the 1,000-year-old-tree"

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Victoria lily

A South American mysterious water plant "Victoria lily." A large leaf reaching 2m in diameter! Secret is revealed of its flower which blooms for 2 days.

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Carnivorous plants

Catching insects by its ingenious "trap" and turn them into nutrition of itself! But why do they catch insects?

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It has such charms as well as plant

Animal of tropical dream center, insects

You may think that Tropical Dream Center has only plants, but in fact, it has more secret charms.

Arowana and angel-fish swim leisurely in Victoria greenhouse. We may observe colorful Natsu madder, Aki madder in ogomadara, dragonflies which are called lady of south island coming flying by the Japan's biggest golden-ringed dragonfly, season.

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Flower guide tour

Let's learn about orchids and rare tropical flowers and fruits!

While the specialized staff comments on flower or fruit of in full bloom clearly, we guide three orchid greenhouses and fruit tree greenhouse together. Please join us!

Tropical dream center guided tour
Two times of daily life (the time required: for approximately 30 minutes)
  • 11:00
  • 14:00
[the meeting time]
Until five minutes before starting time
[meeting place]
In front of information desk in the Stained Hall
[Seating capacity]
15 people
Admission fee only
10% discount ticket (effective only on ※ day) which eating and drinking in tropical dream center and purchase can use

※If you wish the guide tour other times than above or of a group more than 15 people, please make reservation beforehand.


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