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Summary of facility

Okinawa Commemorative National Government Park is a government park established in August 1976 in commemoration of Okinawa International Ocean Exposition held in 1975.

We play a central role now as a base of sightseeing promotion of Okinawa particularly the sightseeing in northern Okinawa Island.
In three areas of park, there is representative Omoro Arboretum which we display 22 kinds and planted among plants sung in "omorosaushi" which is Native Okinawan Village which reproduced life tool indicating relation with maritime people of the Pacific countries, Oceanic Culture Museum which about 750 points are displayed such as tools for fishery, private house group in Ryukyu Islands ancient times and private house garden, collection of Okinawa oldest songs in area of history, culture.

In artificial beach where whale shark, the one of the world's largest Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium raising large shark rays including manta, dolphin show since the ocean Expo spread Okichan Theater of popularity, Manatee Pool which manatee is given by the Mexico government, Sea Turtles Pool which they can observe from laying eggs of sea turtle to growth, dolphin lagoon that can watch dolphin close, sand bar of about 3ha in area all over, it is authorized "88 selections of bath ground" in "100 selections of excellent bath ground" in 2006 in 2001, and, in area of the sea, there are emerald beaches that can swim in the sea from April through the end of October.

In area of flower, green, we establish greenhouse of global scale not to make any running out of flower throughout the year, and there is Tropical & Subtropical Arboretum of popularity to open space, foreigner of setting sun which beautiful setting sun setting in the tropical zone dream center, the East China Sea where direction displays tropical plants such as orchid or the tropical zone fruit tree, flower tree is seen in.

As of 2006/6/23

Location Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
City planning area 77.2ha (opening of the park about 71.8ha in area)
The start year 1975
In-service start 1976
Theme "The sun and flower and the sea"


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