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Ocean Expo Park new model coronavirus infectious disease expansion prevention guidelines

2020.09.15 Ocean Expo Park

For use of park based on "new lifestyle", I would like the following cooperation toward the visiting.

  • Please wear mask. (in the case of mask nonarrival business, I decline room entrance to indoor facility.)
    ※But infants are excluded
  • I would like hand-washing and finger disinfection.
  • We set a limit to admission in rush hours.
  • I would like security of 2m or more intervals between the physical distance.
  • Please refrain from principle admission, admission about fever (37.5 degrees Celsius or more) and cough, headache with symptom.
  • When new coronavirus infection is confirmed to customer and the staff entered in Ocean Expo Park, confirmation of periodical homepage, please as we tell on Ocean Expo Park homepage.
    In addition, entry such as the name, contact information, please in Oceanic Culture Museum, kembaisho of the tropical zone dream center because we may contact user from the viewpoint of health care individually when infection is confirmed in Oceanic Culture Museum, the tropical dream center.

We take the following measures to have you use park toward the visiting in peace.

  • We wash health care reinforcement of the staff, mask wearing, hand-washing finger disinfection enforcement, uniform.
  • We do entrance guidance (picking off does not perform ticket) by stub in kembaisho.
  • We deliver money using saucer (tray).
  • When customers line up in kembaisho, the information desk, we install marks 2m or more in floor and we make conducting wire with belt partition and will guide.
  • We change security of 2m or more intervals between the benches for break, removal and placement with that.
  • We will strengthen cleaning.
  • We will install antiseptic solution.
  • We do window, door, opening such as flue gas windows, forced ventilation.
  • We sterilize place and thing which several touch.
  • We will cancel driving of hand-dryer.
  • We guide to close cover of restroom, and to carry away filth and will post.
  • We will discard after garbage which salivae attach to being able to enter plastic bag, and having sealed up.
  • After having taken off mask and gloves, we perform soap and hand-washing with running water by all means.
  • We alert the infection spread prevention with homepage, SNS, sign in garden.

Ocean Expo Park Management Center
TEL: +81-980-48-2741 / FAX: +81-980-48-3339

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