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Ocean Expo Park new model coronavirus infectious disease expansion prevention guidelines

2020.09.15 Ocean Expo Park

As basic infection spread precaution, we take the following measures. In addition, toward the visiting, I would like confirmation, cooperation.

Method of person of admission, admission rearranging for prevention of infectious disease

Basic measures

  • We perform the temperature measurement after employment before employment of the staff during working hours.
  • We carry out hand-washing, finger sterilization of the staff thoroughly.
  • The staff wears mask.
  • We install antiseptic solution of finger in entrance and facility.
  • We publicize mask wearing request for person of admission, admission.

Measures not to become dense

  • You take a walk while keeping physical distance 2m or more, and please see.
  • We set a limit to admission as needed so that the hall is not crowded.
  • When customers line up in kembaisho, the information desk, we install marks 2m or more in floor and we make conducting wire with belt partition and guide.

Admission, admission limit method of fever with symptom

  • As a general rule, please write down admission, admission about cases with a history of visit to country, area that infection follows for fever (37.5 degrees or more) and cough, headaches with symptom, the past less than two weeks and enlarges.
  • As a general rule, please write down admission, admission about case to include close contact with new person said to that infectious disease is coronavirus-positive.


  • We install thermometer in hall and ask for cooperation to measure as needed.
  • Because we may contact user from the viewpoint of health care individually when infection is confirmed in tropical dream center, Oceanic Culture Museum, in tropical dream center, kembaisho of Oceanic Culture Museum, thank you for your cooperation for entry such as the name, contact information.
  • I would like cooperation of the new coronavirus contact confirmation application (COCOA) use.

Method of securing of interpersonal distance

Contact infection measures

  • Picking off does not perform ticket at wicket. (I hand stub in kembaisho.)
  • About giving and receiving of money, we perform using saucer (tray).
  • We change removal or placement of to secure physical distance such as benches for break 2m or more.
  • When few groups (families) use table in meeting, please cooperate with other groups so that physical distance finds 2m or more.
  • We make doorway of main conducting wire in hall clear and establish conducting wire for exclusive use of entrance/exit.

Droplet infection measures

  • When it becomes meeting at counters, it covers with acrylic board, transparent plastic curtain.

Ventilation measures of facility

  • We leave window, door, flue gas window open regularly.
  • In some facilities, we perform maintenance appropriately to meet standard about adjustment of air environment in building administration continuously.

Disinfection measures such as facility, facilities, article

  • Place (table, doorknob, handrail) where several touch sterilizes appropriately (1h - 2h/time).
  • When we use touch panel, we ask for cooperation to sterilize finger after the use before use.
  • Stroller, wheelchair, sound guide sterilize before and after rental each time.

Other basic infection spread precaution

  • Hand-dryer of restroom cancels driving.
  • We install sign in each private room to close cover of restroom, and to carry away filth.
  • We put in the garbage bag after garbage which salivae attach to being able to enter plastic bag, and having sealed up.
  • After having taken off mask and gloves, we wash our hands under soap and running water by all means.
  • We wash uniforms diligently.
  • When congestion of restroom is expected, please leave interval (at least 1m as much as possible using 2m as an indication).
  • We do not offer food and drink which faced conduct such as exhibitions in Oceanic Culture Museum.

Original infection precaution

  • When infected person occurred, we lecture on the system which we can alert to visitor.
  • We alert the infection spread prevention with homepage, SNS, sign in garden.
  • We make guidelines to event properties at the time of event holding and post on event site.


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  • Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare: Method of ventilation to improve "bad sealing space of ventilation"

Supplementary provisions

  • These guidelines are updated on September 10, 2020
              October 10, 2020 update

Ocean Expo Park Management Center
TEL: +81-980-48-2741 / FAX: +81-980-48-3339

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