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HomeNotice > State-run Okinawa memory Park (Ocean Expo Park) "achievement of 100 million people of admission" 

State-run Okinawa memory Park (Ocean Expo Park) "achievement of 100 million people of admission" 

2018.10.03 Ocean Expo Park

The number of the total admission people of Ocean Expo Park achieved 100 million people!
We memorialized the achievement of 100 million people of admission and carried out "achievement of 100 million people of admission memory ceremony".

Achievement of 100 million people of Ocean Expo Park admission!

  • Flash mob

  • We break ornamental scented ball and bless

  • The authorized book conferment

  • The Motobu town special product presentation (Miss cherry tree)

  • The souvenir conferment

  • We take a ceremonial photograph in the 100000000th customer and family, people concerned

It was Takuma Sano whom it was visited from Kumamoto to have become the 100000000th memorable customer.

We celebrated flash mob by dancer and presented authorized book and souvenir to the 100000000th customer in ceremony and performed taking a ceremonial photograph at the whole. In addition, we presented one-number-off winning ticket to one where it was visited in front and behind 100 million people with feeling of thanks.
Ocean Expo Park was opened on August 1, 1976 and was able to reach 100 million number of the people of admission in 42 years two months. This thanks for support with grace of all of you who cooperate than customer and many aspects that had you visit to Ocean Expo Park entirely heartily, too.
We will repeat all the staff, still more efforts so that Ocean Expo Park will work on administration of attractive park from now on, and customer is satisfied. I would like Ocean Expo Park continuously.

[Time and place]
Wednesday, October 3, 2018 10:22
[ceremony venue]
Ocean Expo Park center gate
[ceremony contents]
The person of admission 100000000th authorization book conferment, the souvenir presentation, taking a ceremonial photograph to accomplisher
The achievement Achievement day Time to achievement
(August 1, 1976
Of this from opening of the park)
Period from the last time
(period required for 10 million)
100 million people H30/10/3 Thursday 42 years two months Two years (739 days)
90 million people H28/9/24 Saturday 40 years one month Two years one month (782 days)
80 million people H26/8/4 Monday 38 years Two years five months (934 days)
70 million people H24/1/13 Friday 35 years four months Two years nine months (1,065 days)
60 million people H21/2/12 32 years five months Two years nine months (1,088 days)
50 million people H18/2/20 29 years five months Three years seven months (1,363 days)
40 million people H14/5/29 25 years eight months  

※Achievement of 100 million state-run Okinawa memory parks (Ocean Expo Park + Shurijo Castle Park): October 13, 2009
※The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium opening: November 1, 2002

Thank you for 100 million all of you. Put feeling of this tightly, and "memorialize achievement of 100 million people of Ocean Expo Park admission! Thank you, we carry out campaign.
For details, please check the official web site below.

Ocean Expo Park Management Center
TEL: 0980-48-2741

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