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About cooperation to delivery of cod dolphin (request)

2018.03.02 Ocean Expo Park

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Ocean Expo Park is doing preparations for delivery of cod dolphin (nickname: lira, estimate 13 years old). It was revealed that we made sexual maturation (having become adult) by estimated age about 11 years old than the sex hormone density of blood test that we went to regularly so far. We are observing state that embryo matures into by echo check well now.
We start viewing restrictions of breeding pool on February 17 that cod dolphin feels relieved and gives birth, and to be able to take care of the baby. We cause customer trouble very much, but would appreciate your understanding.

We push forward support system and environmental maintenance of pool and will aim at success of breeding lower breeding that we come to do for the first time in future in the world. As you hope that new life is born safely, please watch warmly.

Contact information
Ocean Expo Park Management Center
TEL: +81-980-48-2741

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