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HomeNotice > Baby of false killer whale was born!

Baby of false killer whale was born!

2017.06.01 Ocean Expo Park

In Ocean Expo Park dolphin lagoon, baby of false killer whale was born at 8:15 on Tuesday, May 23.
(the photograph left: baby right: mother)

Baby of false killer whale was born!

There are few breeding records and should cancel the use of dolphin lagoon for a while worldwide until parent and child are in a stable condition in reference to domestic and foreign examples together now. You cause customer trouble, but please watch warmly.

Baby of false killer whale which was born this time

[the date of birth]
Tuesday, May 23, 2017 8:15
False killer whale
[the name]
We have not been selected yet
[the length]
Approximately 160cm
[the name of mother]
Thigh (the breeding 14th year, estimated age 15 years old, the first childbirth)
[the name of father]
tida (breeding 14th year, estimated age 22 years old)
[breeding pool]
We are living together with mother "thigh" in dolphin lagoon. (we arrange viewing restrictions. Thank you for your understanding.)

Delivery of false killer whale

There are globally few breeding records, and thing which we were able to breed in eight more than one year confirmed so far in the country is only one case born in Ocean Expo Park in 2000 (seven years breeding).
Because knowledge about life of this species is poor, we can expect when various life information is available through future breeding.

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