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About Ocean Expo Park barrier-free

Person who has certificate of the physically disabled, mental patient health welfare notebook, nursing notebook

As the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Oceanic Culture Museum, admission rate of tropical dream center are exempted, show notebook in kembaisho. In addition, one entered in attendants is free, and it can enter person having the notebook mentioned above to one person. Class of notebook does not matter.

Ocean Expo Park Braille guide

Ocean Expo Park Braille guide

We offer "Braille guide" that the most moving passage can understand facility information in Ocean Expo Park. Other than general view of park, we introduce summaries of the information desk, restroom, shop, position figure of eating and drinking facility and facility in garden. On the use, please order to the information desk.

Wheelchair, stroller

  • We loan free
  • We perform prior rental with first-come-first-served basis without making a reservation. Thank you for your understanding
  • I would like the presentation such as identifications of social position and entry of the use application
  • Please return within 30 minutes before close
  • Please return tropical dream center, Oceanic Culture Museum before closing time
  • Handcar chair
    Handcar chair
  • Electric wheelchair (possible reshuffling for manual operation) for right-handed person
    Electric wheelchair for right-handed person
    (possible reshuffling for manual operation)
  • Stroller (object: after the student for two months - 2 years old)
    (object: after the student for two months - 2 years old)
Rental place Manual operation Electrically operated Stroller
 Central gate 4 3 11
 Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium 0 10 20
 Tropical Dream Center 2 0 2
 The north gate parking lot (solid) 4 10 10
 Bise gate 1 0 1
 The south gate 1 0 1
 Oceanic Culture Museum 1 0 2
 Park Information Center (Haisai Plaza) 5 2 5
 The botanical garden entrance information desk 1 0 0
 Parking lot in front of the tropical dream center 1 1 4
 Main Rest House (Churaumi Plaza) 8 1 0
 Emerald gate parking lot (solid) 2 1 2
Barrier-free map

Parking lot, restroom, nursing room

Parking lot for person with a physical disability

Nine north gate parking lots, six of central gate parking lot (the north :3, south: 3), south gate parking lot three, emerald gate parking lot four


Person with a physical disability-adaptive restroom, restroom of baby Bet setting are in each site in the garden, each facility. We install ostomate-adaptive restroom in following 11 places.

  1. P4 bus parking lot
  2. Park Information Center (Haisai Plaza)
  3. P7 north gate parking lot (multilevel parking garage) the first floor
  4. Oceanic Culture Museum & Planetarium
  5. Open space prospects the first floor of setting sun of the rest house and playground equipment facility side two places
  6. Okichan Theater
  7. Forest (the aquarium exit right) of marriage
  8. The Main Rest House (Churaumi Plaza) aquarium exit side and two places of Manatee Pool side
  9. P9 emerald gate parking lot
Nursing room
  • Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
    ・The second floor (the beauty and others Sea theater entrance neighborhood)
    ・Entrance (Coral lobby) on the third floor
  • Park Information Center (Haisai Plaza)
  • The Main Rest House (Churaumi Plaza) aquarium exit side

About means of transportation in Ocean Expo Park

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Entry of vehicles (admission exception) and pickup and drop-off with park police car are available to person with a physical disability and people who are hard to walk according to the following table. For more details, please refer to Ocean Expo Park control center

Entry of vehicles
※Admission exception
Customer of the use is available for entry of vehicles from gate for management of aquarium to the neighborhood of aquarium entrance in person with a physical disability facility and group. (but please park in park parking lot other than the getting on and off)
※Only group is available.
※Prior application is necessary by one week.
Pickup and drop-off with police car Please see following "pickup and drop-off with police car"

The garden

The garden arranges slope and tries to be easy to move the elderly and physically disabled person.

Sight-seeing car By the presentation of certificate of the physically disabled, mental patient health welfare notebook, nursing notebook, sight-seeing car is available free. Helper person is free to one person. The getting on and off becomes step.
Pickup and drop-off with police car For movement to and each site that it is hard to walk in the garden of wheelchair, park police car is available.
※Only individual (to 1-3 people) is available.
※In advance or on the day you contact Ocean Expo Park control center, or on the day please report to the guard, the information desk in park, the sight-seeing car staff.
※Time may suffer only from one park police car until we meet as there is not and are cooked.

Facility is inner

We install elevator in each facility and maintain so that movement by wheelchair and stroller becomes easy.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Other than elevator connecting 1.3.4 floor, it can travel the hall with wheelchair. In addition, we can have person using wheelchair enjoy meal as we greatly remodel table in restaurant Hinault.
Tropical Dream Center It can travel almost all main lines of flow in facility with wheelchair (use of some elevators)
Oceanic Culture Museum It can travel almost all main lines of flow in facility with wheelchair (use of some elevators)
Ocean Expo Park Management Center
TEL: +81-980-48-2741 / FAX: +81-980-48-3339

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