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Request about park use

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Request about park use

Request about park use

We prohibit the following acts to have many users spend time comfortably

  1. Defacing or damaging park property
  2. Gather felling of tree and plant, flower, fruit, seed
  3. Do collection of nothing special, tree and plant or sedimentation
  4. Do capture and casualties of animal
  5. Enter place of Closed to the Public in park
  6. Ride vehicle any place other than parking lot in park and the slip road
  7. Poster swells, and display label or other advertisements thing
  8. Use fire such as open fire, gas ring, oilstove
  9. Produce the noise, sound to be a nuisance to other users
  10. Smoking any place other than the appointed place, and throwing away garbage
  11. Affect security of other users or the normal use of park facility

Carry-on in park of the following articles cannot use

  1. Gun and swords (model gun air gun, wooden sword, bamboo sword, imitation sword)
  2. Fireworks, gunpowder, a large quantity of gas, oil and fat, fuel
  3. Bicycles (unicycle, roller skating Roller Blade skateboarding kickboard roller shoes)
  4. Boomerang, bow and arrow, pachinko radio control airplane
  5. Rigid ball of metal or wooden bat and baseball
  6. Golf clubs
  7. In addition, we considered that person in charge disturbed the comfortable park use by security and to injure park facility and might pollute

The following acts need permission of park ranger beforehand

In addition, things irrelevant to thing, park lacking publicity are not admitted.

  1. Selling article, and distributing
  2. You monopolize all or part of park for events such as competition, meeting, exhibition, and use
  3. Investigate donation, campaign to collect signatures, questionary survey or the animals and plants
  4. Perform photography to collect for the purpose of profit or membership fee, and to perform or location
  5. Perform events to announce the holding date and time in advance, and to invite public participation for participant, and to carry out
  6. Post mark or two-pole banner in park

About shooting in garden and location, material rental

When we perform shooting (personal photography, video shoot is excluded) and location in our park, permission of park ranger is necessary beforehand (as for the material rental, similar).

Ocean Expo Park Management Center
TEL: +81-980-48-2741 / FAX: +81-980-48-3339

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