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Ocean Expo Park wedding

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Plan to send from Ocean Expo Park to two wrapped happily!


It is beautiful calmly. Another world of southern country which there is like miracle

Subtropical flowers submit rainbow to heart of two. In the overwhelming world, heart becomes obedient. We dreamed all the time. We looked for all the time. Oath not to fade forever just.


We promise love of two in marriage written oath in non-everyday space where exoticism drifts in in colorful *so and tropical dream center while feeling tradition of this island and solemn atmosphere in Native Okinawan Village.

Cattleya wedding ceremony
(venue: the tropical zone dream center/public type)

Cattleya wedding ceremony

Wedding full of the southern country mood

The beauty and others Island dynasty wedding ceremony
(venue: Native Okinawan Village/Ryukyu wedding ceremony/public type)

The beauty and others Island dynasty wedding ceremony

We dream of Ryukyu dynasty wave abusive o at wedding ceremony where ancient rite is refined

♦-----wedding-style - - - - -♦

Facility administration charges 21,600 yen (tax-included)


Do you not leave once-in-a-lifetime wedding in photograph in special space?


Cattleya photo
(venue: the tropical zone dream center)

Cattleya photo

Pretty flowers in full glory in old castle bless two

The beauty and others Island photo
(venue: Native Okinawan Village)

The beauty and others Island photo

Quality of Okinawa is quality of two

Beach photo
(venue: emerald beach)

Beach photo

Win bright blue to glitter over to your side

Sunset photo
(venue: open space of setting sun)

Sunset photo

Even setting sun is captive of the happiness

♦-----photo-style - - - - -♦

Facility administration charges 5,400 yen (tax-included) ※1

[venue guidance]
Ocean Expo Park tropical zone dream center and Native Okinawan Village, emerald beach, the open space of setting sun
(place that our control center appoints)

[wedding time]
11:00 (one set of 1st)

[seating capacity]
Up to 30 people (including bridal couple)

[day impossible of wedding]
Closed days and day when our control center appoints. For more details, please refer at the following

About incidental service (option) accompanied with wedding, photowedding

Ocean Expo Park wedding charge (business hours 9:00-18:00)
TEL: 0980-48-2745

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