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Okinawa and world insect flock!

It is three copies of constitution that main of display turns into every time.
The first introduces insects different from domestic insect in gangs under the theme of "world insect".

  • Okinawa and world insect flock!
    We display specimen of insect which does not inhabit the country
  • Okinawa and world insect flock!
    Butterfly room which butterfly flies about

World helmet stag beetle flocks!

  • Okinawa and world insect flock!
  • Okinawa and world insect flock!
  • Okinawa and world insect flock!
From Saturday, July 4, 2020 to Sunday, January 3, 2021
8:30-17:30 (admission deadline 17:00)
※10/1, 2 are display permutations
Tropical Dream Center
Only as for the admission charges, adult (more than high school student) 760 yen, dwarf are free of charge
※Admission rate is at half price by the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium ticket presentation!

Insect (7/4-7/31) of the first world

World's largest beetle "herakuresuokabuto", overseas insect including "papuakinirokuwagata" with rare color is seen close. In addition, it is chance when precious specimens such as walking leaf and mantis, stick insect having mimesis exactly like plant are seen in!
In addition, we look forward to by contents which both child including introduction panel answering the living body display such as butterfly room or domestic beetle stag beetle, question "why are there many insects which are only in Okinawa?" and adult can enjoy!

Butterfly (8/1-9/30) which flies in the second sky

Relation (10/3 - R3.1/3) of the third insect and plant

Tropical Dream Center
TEL: 0980-48-3624

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