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Event program

HomeEvent program > It is orchid, ** in Natsu [we cancel for the time being]. "Summer orchid display!"

[we cancel for the time being] It is orchid, ** in Natsu. "Summer orchid display!"

It is orchid, ** in Natsu. We collect orchids that "blooming only in summer" "is rare" in the summer of hot Okinawa in one place and will display! Refreshing flavor is colorful, and please enjoy blooming unique orchid.

  • It is orchid, ** in Natsu. "Summer orchid display!"
    Crane orchid
  • It is orchid, ** in Natsu. "Summer orchid display!"
    Neofinetia falcata
  • It is orchid, ** in Natsu. "Summer orchid display!"
    kuruokiddo `disa'
From Saturday, July 4, 2020 to Sunday, September 27
8:30-19:00 (admission deadline 18:30)
Tropical Dream Center
Only as for the admission charges, adult (more than high school student) 760 yen, dwarf are free of charge
※Admission rate is at half price by the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium ticket presentation!

Display contents

Wild orchid of Okinawa of summer coming out

From wild orchid of valuable Okinawa, we introduce type of coming out with photograph panel with own dough in the summer.

Funny orchid strangeness orchid

There are not Laon where two colors of flowers bloom in one stock, world's largest orchid, leaf (!) Orchids having very a long orchid, leaf assemble in full force!

There are few opportunities to see in Okinawa! We display orchid `disa' representing kuruokiddo!

※The beginning of July limitation
kuruokiddo is family of orchid liking cold climate. As flowering time is summer, disa is at their best now! Please enjoy.

Display of ai*kabu of the prefecture orchid lover

It changes every week and introduces the cause of cooperation of association of Okinawa orchid, orchid of lover pride in the prefecture.

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays-limited ‼ [rank is]

Seedling (high bud) and original notebook of orchid, clear file, original sticker hit person who all the problems answer rank is correctly, and answered questionnaire by lot.

Seedling (high bud) of orchid

With manual of how to plant and way of raising
※We let you do one stock per one person who hit by lot.
※Type is not available.

Original notebook, clear file, sticker

※We let you do one thing you like per one person who hit by lot.
※Number is limited.

Dream center original sticker

※We let you do one per one person who hit by lot.

Tropical Dream Center
TEL: 0980-48-3624

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