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[cancellation] Bait spear experience of goat

※For the infection prevention of new coronavirus and nonproliferation, we cancel this event. We would appreciate your understanding.

Let's go to encounter goat of Native Okinawan Village!

There is pigsty (fool) which is traditional hovel of Okinawa on the back side of house of lord of a manor charges of Native Okinawan Village.
We raise three cute mini-goats there.
pyompyon and gesture to move around heal in figure to eat with great relish when we hold out bait (grass) very cutely, and mini-goat is effect preeminence.
With "old Okinawa life experience" to be able to enjoy Obaa(Granny) held and sanshin experience and tea experience in house of lord of a manor charges, please enjoy contact with goat!

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Native Okinawan Village Jitude's House (Manor Lords)

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