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Event Information

HomeEvent Information > Let's explore Ocean Expo Park of Ocean Expo Park knight tour - darkness! ...

Let's explore Ocean Expo Park of Ocean Expo Park knight tour - darkness! ...

※This event was finished.

You can enjoy search for nocturnal creature in night garden after close! We introduce life and investigation into rare creature methods that the specialized staff inhabits during search in garden such as false Kuroiwa lizard and rubber crab. There is prior learning society using picture and worksheet, too, and anyone can know creature happily!

4 every month second Saturday from 18:45 to 22:00
Conduct period until from April, 2018 to October

○The X reception desk end in reception desk ◇Because cancellation was given, we raise again
The date The space situation
May 26 It was finished
June 9 It was finished
June 23 It was finished
July 21 It was finished
※We hold on 4 third Saturday in July.
July 28 It was finished
August 11 It was finished
August 25 It was finished
September 8 It was finished
September 22 It was finished
October 13 It was finished
October 27 It was finished
Around open space of Okichan Theater - setting sun
  • Prior application (first-come-first-served basis, TEL: 0980-48-2748) with telephone
    Application is possible to one set of five people. The 18:00 reservation deadline on the conduct day day before.
  • When there is cancellation of prior subscriber, we perform offer (first-come-first-served basis) of additional telephone application. When there is additional offer, we announce at any time only on homepage.
  • On the day we do not raise.
[Seating capacity]
Each 20 times
[reception desk]
18:45 synthesis research center (Okinawa beauty and others Island foundation headquarters ridge) parking lot
  1. One (person younger than 18 years needs companion participation of protector) where is higher than primary schoolchild.
  2. Person in charge whom instructions, explanation can understand in Japanese.
  3. One that is available for climbing up and down of stairs by assistance of own strength or around one.
  4. Person of wheelchair can participate, too. But I would like prior consultation after understanding in different one which may be programed partly.
  5. Person who can tolerate movement by own strength of around one hour.
  6. Person who can show health insurance card (made thing of age proof).
  7. Please participate in mobile clothes including pants sneakers.
  8. We cannot use umbrella. Please bring rain outfits such as raincoats on rainy day.
  9. We participate on the way and cannot leave. Thank you for your understanding.
[time schedule]
18:45 general research center parking lot meeting (cf. following map)
Learning society for from 18:45 to 19:30 before reception desk, room domestic affair
Search start outdoor at 19:30
The search end outdoor at 21:30
21:45 general research center room follow-up learning society
22:00 dissolution
[meeting place]
General research center (Okinawa beauty and others Island foundation headquarters ridge) parking lot
  • Raincoat (in the case of rainy day, we cannot use umbrella.)
  • Pants (please refrain from thing which the bare skin such as shorts, skirt looks like for reasons of the safe top.)
  • Sneakers (please set up thing which may get wet. With sandals we cannot participate.)
  • Drink
    ※Meal, please gather after finishing.
  1. It is rainy weather decisive action plan, but we change some programs by weather or may cancel.
  2. Shooting may enter by coverage such as conduct report or media to Ocean Expo Park homepage, Facebook. *
Ocean Expo Park control center animal management team
TEL: 0980-48-2748

We check event information!

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