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We hold "observation party of false killer whale shin*"!

※This event was finished.

In Ocean Expo Park dolphin lagoon, baby of false killer whale with a few breeding examples in the country was born on Tuesday, May 23. Approximately two months pass, and baby grows up smoothly. Therefore we increased and became easy to observe view limit area. Member of breeding answers simple question that member of breeding is put by visitor including change of action of *iku teno state and baby in this observation society.

There are few breeding records and establishes view limit in dolphin lagoon worldwide so that stable state maintains shin* in reference to domestic and foreign examples together now. You cause visitor trouble, but please please watch warmly.

From Friday, August 11, 2017 to Thursday, August 31
15:15 ... (around five minutes)
Dolphin lagoon
We comment on delivery, child care, the current breeding situation.

Delivery, child care, present status of false killer whale

Baby was approximately 160cm in length, approximately 60 kg in weight, but we grow up with mother's milk of mother smoothly in two months after birth and, at the time of delivery, estimate to approximately 180cm in length, approximately 100 kg in weight now. State to swim only in babies apart from mother well came to be seen.

Contact information
Ocean Expo Park control center animal management team
TEL: 0980-48-2748

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