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Event Information

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Hands-on experience of old Okinawan life

It cuts off "villager" of a lot of spirit to play an active part in "Native Okinawan Village" which reproduced old village of Okinawa. Obaa(Granny) of local "Motobu town" entertain visitor happily in chimugukuru (true heart) of traditional Okinawa. It is living of spacious Okinawa to one hand with cleaning and cake of morning and evening to be over there such as comfortable shimuyuntaku. Please enjoy warm old Okinawa with nostalgia!

[Dates and time]
Every day 10:00-16:00 (the end of the ※ 15:30 sanshin experience-based receptionist)
Native Okinawan Village Jitude's House (Manor Lords)
[conduct contents]
  1. Free distribution of teacake (brown sugar)
  2. Sanshin performance experience
  3. Traditional dance experience and game experience for children
Ocean Expo Park Management Center
TEL: 0980-48-2741

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