The 40th Ocean Expo Park fireworks display


Emerald beach

※In two places of doorways of emerald beach, we set a limit to entrance.
We cannot enter venue (beach) when we reached 20,000 people.


Beach attraction...From 12:00 to 18:00
Stage concert......From 16:00 to 20:00

It is from 20:00 to 20:50 in fireworks shoot off

On the day we are opened until 23:00, and the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium extends! (admission deadline 22:00) ※Only for one after 21:00 younger than 18 years cannot enter.

Bus tour is recommended; inquiry to each bus, travel agency!


10,000 colorful fireworks color night sky gorgeously!

Launching program

Part 1 (20 minutes)
Break (ten minutes) support company reading
Part 2 (20 minutes)

We launch fireworks which featured the theme of "forest of Yanbaru" this year

"Yanbaru" (Yamahara) means "area where the mountains range, and forest spreads" through of the northern part of Okinawa Island whole area,
The a great variety of animals and plants inhabit forest where subtropical laurel forest spread through and grow.

State full of vigor that beauty and creatures of rich nature of forest of Yanbaru sigh,
We express as colorful fireworks in magnificent music.

Stage concert

Stage concert

We do not lose summer sunlight and heap up hot stage.

DJ KEIN& Shingo Maekawa from kariyushi 58


High up low

We made a mistake

Jan rose - Miyagi

Beach attraction

Beach attraction to enjoy in emerald beach Children are sure to get delight, too!

Throwing-ball game

Throwing-ball game

Dolphin slider

Dolphin slider


※It is state of meeting in the previous year

Information for traffic regulation

Saturday, July 14, 2018 from 19:00 to 24:00

Map about traffic regulation
Explanatory note about traffic regulation
Figure of viewing

Cabinet Office Okinawa General Bureau, Cabinet Office government management Okinawa memory Park Office, Ocean Expo Park fireworks display executive committee support: Okinawa Times company, company Ryukyu Shimpo Newspaper, Ryukyu broadcast, Okinawa Television Broadcasting, NHK Okinawa broadcasting station, Ryukyu ASAHI BROADCASTING Corporation, company Radio Okinawa, company FM Okinawa

Special cooperation
Motobu, Okinawa police station, Naha maritime insurance Abe Nago sea preservation station, Nakijin-son, Motobu-cho firefighting association, West Nippon Expressway Kyushu branch office Okinawa expressway office, public interest incorporated foundation Japan vehicle information center, northern part joint administration bloc office work association

We support "the 40th Ocean Expo Park fireworks display"


Please bring flashlight. Apparatus to operate by radio, electric wave is the ban on use. Moratorium on Selker stick. I would like understanding, cooperation for reliable security your security.

Ocean Expo Park event information